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  1. Cover Image for 2024 Maggie Jean Invitational

    2024 Maggie Jean Invitational

    Aug. 12, 2024


    Marshall Golf Club, Marshall, MN

  2. Cover Image for 2024 Marshall Wave of Light Gathering

    2024 Marshall Wave of Light Gathering

    Oct. 15, 2024

    7 p.m.

About The Maggie Jean Foundation

The Maggie Jean Foundation is conducted without a view to profit activities performed raise funds to support the women and families of pregnancy loss. There is no profit used for compensation purposes. These activities are all done on a volunteer basis. Supported in part by Benevolent.

The Contributions are used to produce the "Boxes of Blessings" and are donated to our local hospital and clinic for distribution, by the medical staff, to the affected families. Some individuals we hear about are also given boxes.

Founder, Nancy Blanchard, speaking at the inagural Maggie Jean Invitational

Donate to the Maggie Jean Foundation

All proceeds go to boxes of blessings for mother's and families of pregnancy loss, adoption loss, and infant loss in our community.

The Story Behind The Maggie Jean Foundation